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UAD Instruments

LUNA supports software-based UAD Instruments, including the Moog® Minimoog Model D and Ravel™ grand piano, based on UA’s exclusive physical modeling techniques. UAD Instruments also include Shape Creative Toolkit, a high-quality instrument with sounds provided by Universal Audio, Spitfire, Orange Tree Samples, Loops de la Creme, and many more.

Note: This page provides a brief overview of available UAD Instruments. Each specific UAD Instrument and its controls are documented on their own page. To learn how to insert, play, and record UAD Instruments, see “Playing a Virtual Instrument and Recording MIDI” in the LUNA Application section.

Moog® Minimoog

Developed in partnership with Moog Music, the Minimoog UAD Instrument is an incredibly accurate and inspiring emulation of Bob Moog's pioneering synthesizer.

By perfectly capturing every nuance of the classic Moog oscillators and ladder filters and harnessing discrete transistor VCA modeling, the Minimoog UAD Instrument faithfully captures every detail of this classic instrument used by everyone from Parliament-Funkadelic, to Kraftwerk, Dr. Dre, and more.


Ravel™ Grand Piano

A breathtaking emulation of a Steinway Model B† grand piano based on UA's exclusive sampling, physical modeling, and new Ultra-Resonance™ technology, giving you all the sonic nuance of this studio classic. Captured at Ocean Way Studios, Ravel gives you an immaculately recorded studio piano that’s album-ready, with easy-to-use Tone, Dynamics, and Microphone controls, as well as an innovative Reverse feature for startlingly creative sounds and textures.



A comprehensive creative toolkit included free with LUNA, Shape is a painstakingly curated UAD Instrument featuring a collection of the best vintage keys, drums/percussion, guitar/bass, orchestral content, and real-time synthesis, courtesy of Universal Audio, Spitfire Audio, Loops de la Creme, and more. Quickly create complex, professional textures developed by leading sound design experts, and take your inspiration further with easy-to-use macro controls and powerful built-in effects.


Spitfire Audio

Expertly sampled and recorded at London's AIR Studios, Spitfire Audio's industry-leading Chamber Strings, Symphonic Woodwinds, and Symphonic Brass will give your compositions the same professional gloss used by top producers for film, TV, and video game scores, plus chart-topping pop and R&B records.



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