Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connections with UAFX Pedals

The Bluetooth protocol itself can be unreliable and inconsistent in certain situations. If you’re experiencing issues connecting the UAFX Control mobile app to your UAFX pedal, do the following in the order outlined below. 

  1. Make sure the UAFX pedal is running the latest firmware via UA Connect
  2. Make sure the latest version of UAFX Control is installed
  3. Fully quit out of the UAFX Control app via your mobile device's app switcher
  4. Power the mobile device off and back on
  5. Click the pair button on the back of the pedal and then open the UAFX Control app and try to connect by clicking the “Add New” button

Android Only: When Android prompts you to access the device’s location, you must allow the device location. If you deny the location, UAFX Control cannot use Bluetooth, and will not be able to connect to your UAFX pedals. Note: Android 14 devices require UAFX firmware version 1.1.7 or newer for proper operation.

If the issue persists: 

  • Delete the UAFX pedal from your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings and then re-pair via the UAFX Control mobile app.

If the issue still persists: 

  1. Uninstall/Reinstall the UAFX Control app
  2. Delete all UAFX pedal(s) from your device’s Bluetooth settings
  3. Restore UAFX pedals to Defaults 
  4. Pair UAFX pedal(s) when prompted by UAFX Control app

Any remaining issues beyond the troubleshooting listed above could point towards environmental interference. It’s important to take note if the issue arises in any specific environments or when near many wireless devices. 

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