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FAQ: Apollo X Surround Monitoring


Is Surround Monitoring available on my first or second generation Apollo?

No. First and second generation Apollo use a digitally controlled analog gain stage on the Monitor L/R outputs, so they can’t be used as a single monitor block.


Does Apollo X support Atmos?

Yes. 16-channel immersive audio monitoring support for Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and Sony 360 Reality Audio is available exclusively on Apollo x16.


Does Apollo X support multichannel audio in WDM?

Not at this time. Multichannel WDM audio is folded down by the OS and is played out of Monitor L/R.


Does Apollo X support native surround in Core Audio?

Yes! Simply select your speaker configuration in Audio MIDI Setup.


Can I pan in surround in the UA Console?

No. Channel strips in Console are routed directly to Monitor L/R. To pan in surround, use the DAW.


Can I Flex Route a Console channel strip output directly to a surround output?

No. When a surround mode is enabled, the outputs used for that mode are no longer available for Flex Routes, Alt Speakers or Cue Output mirroring.


Does Apollo X have bass management and room correction?

No. Apollo X features individual speaker trims. Bass management and room correction must be handled at the speaker level.