FAQ: Apollo X Surround Monitoring


Which Apollos support surround monitoring?

The Apollo x6 supports up to 5.1, Apollo x8 / 8p support up to 7.1, and Apollo x16 supports Dolby ATMOS immersive audio, up to 9.1.6. A Twin X or x4 can be added to the monitoring system to remotely control the volume of the rack Apollo.


Is Surround Monitoring available on my first or second generation Apollo?

No. First and second generation Apollo use a digitally controlled analog gain stage on the Monitor L/R outputs, so they can’t be used as a single monitor block.


Does Apollo X support Atmos?

Yes. 16-channel immersive audio monitoring support for Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and Sony 360 Reality Audio is available exclusively on Apollo x16.


Does Apollo X support multichannel audio in WDM?

Not at this time. Multichannel WDM audio is folded down by the OS and is played out of Monitor L/R.


Does Apollo X support native surround in Core Audio?

Yes! Simply select your speaker configuration in Audio MIDI Setup.


Can I pan in surround in the UAD Console application?

No. Channel strips in Console are routed directly to Monitor L/R. To pan in surround, use a DAW.


Can I Flex Route a Console channel strip output directly to a surround output?

No. When a surround mode is enabled, the outputs used for that mode are no longer available for Flex Routes, Alt Speakers or Cue Output mirroring.


Does Apollo X have bass management and room correction?

No. Apollo X features individual speaker trims. Bass management and room correction must be handled at the speaker level.

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