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LUNA System Requirements

LUNA System Requirements

  • Mac computer
  • macOS Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, Ventura 13, or Sonoma 14

  • Other software required (download now)

    • UAD v10.0 or newer

    • UA Connect (required to install LUNA)

    • iLok License Manager (included with UA Connect)

  • 600 MB available storage on macOS system volume

  • Free PACE iLok account with iLok Cloud or iLok USB (2nd generation or newer)

LUNA System Recommendations

  • Intel quad-core i7 (or better) or Apple silicon processor recommended

  • 16 GB or more system RAM recommended

  • SSD storage for LUNA sessions recommended

  • Rotational storage for LUNA sessions may reduce performance

  • Rotational storage below 7200 RPM is unsupported

  • Rotational external storage must be USB 3.0 or faster

SSD Storage Requirements

  • Fusion hybrid drives are unsupported

  • SSD storage must be formatted as APFS (Apple File System)

  • ExFAT, FAT, and Mac OS Extended formats are unsupported

  • External SSD must be within USB 3.0, USB 3.1, PCIe, or Thunderbolt enclosure

  • View this Apple support article for details about formatting an SSD for APFS

UAD Instruments Requirements

  • Sample-based UAD instruments must be installed on SSD volume
  • 20 MB to 10 GB available SSD storage
  • Storage space requirement varies per UAD Instrument
  • Individual UAD Instrument storage requirements are listed in LUNA's Manage panel


Apollo Mode Requirements

  • Apollo mode requires a Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo interface and a built-in Thunderbolt port
  • All system requirements for Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo models still apply with LUNA
  • First-generation (silver) Apollo rackmount models equipped with any Universal Audio Thunderbolt Option Card and connected via Thunderbolt can be used with LUNA
  • All UA Thunderbolt Option Card models (Thunderbolt 1, 2, and 3 cards) are supported

Supported Apollo Models (Apollo mode only)

  • Apollo Solo Thunderbolt
  • Apollo Twin (silver 1st generation) – NOT USB model
  • Apollo Twin MkII
  • Apollo Twin X
  • Apollo x4
  • Apollo x6
  • Apollo x8
  • Apollo x8p
  • Apollo x16
  • Apollo 8 (black 2nd generation)
  • Apollo 8p (black 2nd generation)
  • Apollo 16 (black 2nd generation)
  • Apollo FireWire (silver 1st generation)**
  • Apollo DUO (silver 1st generation)**
  • Apollo QUAD (silver 1st generation)**
  • Apollo 16 (silver 1st generation)**
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