Managing the Click Track

This article explains how to manage the click track in LUNA. Whether you are sending a click out the monitors, or sending them to specific CUE or Headphone mixes, LUNA makes it easy to manage these quickly and efficiently.

Managing Click

To manage your click during playback and recording, the click controls for the Monitor click are available in the LUNA control bar:


Click Controls


  1. Click on the metronome icon to enable the click, or press 7 on the numeric keypad. 
  2. Set the volume by dragging the volume up and down, or click and type a dB value for the volume, then press Return. 
  3. Click the count in icon to enable count in.


Click Settings


To manage the click being sent to any CUE or HP mix, first enable the Record workflow in the Control Bar, and click on Click to CUE:


Record workflow

Here you can manage the click in every cue track. Toggling the ON button will enable them.  Use the fader to manage the click level being sent to that monitor or CUE mix.

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