Apollo Solo USB Power Supply Specifications & Purchase Info

It is highly recommended to always use the original power supply that came with your Apollo Solo USB or a factory replacement. However, if your power supply fails or is lost and you need to get through a session, you can use a generic replacement power supply that matches the original power supply's specifications as a temporary solution.

Important: Universal Audio is not responsible for any damage caused by using a non-factory power supply.

Here's what you'll need to consider when picking up a generic replacement power supply for your Apollo Solo USB:

  • Make sure that the replacement power supply matches the specifications of the original power supply exactly. Do not use a replacement power supply that does not provide the correct output voltage or current, or does not match the polarity of the original.
  • The exact specifications of the Apollo Solo USB power supply are:

Output: 12VDC
Current Draw: 1.6A
Polarity: Center Positive
Barrel dimensions (diameter): 5.5 mm (outside), 2.1 mm (inside)

  • Make sure that the replacement power supply fits snugly into the power connector on the back of the unit.


Factory replacement power supplies can be ordered directly from Universal Audio by contacting Customer Support


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