How to use MIDI controlled plug-ins in LUNA

This article explains how to use MIDI controlled plug-ins with audio files in LUNA. 

Note: This example is for playback with audio tracks that have already been recorded. However, MIDI can be recorded in real time.


1. Add the MIDI-controlled plug-in to an audio track:


2. Configure the MIDI controlled plug-in to receive MIDI input. See instructions below with examples:


Auto-Tune Realtime X


Enable To Notes in the Advanced > MIDI section

Softube Vocoder

image4.pngDisable TRANSPOSE CHORD

Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced 

image2.pngEnable TARGET NOTES

Eventide Harmonizer

image6.pngEnable KYBD

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime

image5.pngEnable Target Notes via MIDI



3. Create an Instrument track with no instrument loaded. Set MIDI IN to the MIDI controller being used to input MIDI.  Set the MIDI OUTPUT to the desired audio track.


Once setup is complete, you can manually draw MIDI notes or record MIDI notes in realtime on the “Instrument” track to trigger the MIDI controlled plugin on the audio track. See the example below.image7.png

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