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If I own the UAD-2 version of a plug-in, do I get the native UAD version for free?

Yes! If you own or purchase a UAD plug-in or UAD instrument that has been ported to native then you can get the native UAD version for free. If the license is also available on the UAD-2 platform, you will get a license for it as well.


To use native UAD plug-ins you will need to:

  • Download and install the latest UAD Software including UA Connect
  • Open UA Connect and login to your account
  • Allow UA Connect to create a new iLok account or link your existing iLok account
  • Redeem your native UAD plug-ins in UA Connect
  • Download and install your native UAD plug-in

For detailed instructions please see this article.


The following UAD-2 titles are eligible:

*IMPORTANT: Legacy versions of UAD plug-ins, including those that are included in the free Analog Classics bundles that are included with new UAD hardware do not qualify. To upgrade from a legacy version to a qualifying title, click here



  • A UAD Spark subscription is not required to use these perpetual UAD licenses.
  • Native UAD licenses require Pace iLok License Manager, which is installed automatically by UA Connect.
  • UAD-1 titles are not eligible.