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What is UA Bock 187?

The UA Bock 187 is a 48V phantom powered large-diaphragm condenser microphone, with a cardioid polar response pattern. Featuring a FET amplifier and fully transformer balanced audio output, it provides remarkable fullness and presence with exceptionally low background noise. 

Designed and engineered by David Bock, the UA Bock 187 features a larger transformer and more refined bias circuitry versus a vintage U87. This results in higher dynamic range in the low frequencies, as well as more natural guitar and vocal capture.


Which cable should I use for my Bock 187?

A standard, balanced, 3-pin XLR mic cable (pin 2 hot).


How do I mount the microphone in the mic stand mount?

Thread the shockmount onto a 5/8"-27 thread microphone stand. Insert the microphone into the shockmount and turn the collar clockwise to tighten the microphone into the mount. 


How should the UA Bock 187 be positioned?

The UA badge indicates the front of the microphone. Since the UA Bock 187 is a side address fixed cardioid microphone, the UA badge should be facing the sound source.


What are the switches on the microphone for?

  • Pad (-10 dB) — Reduces the mic signal level with loud sound sources
  • FAT Mode — Norm offers a nominally flat response with a slight lift at the high end, whereas Fat adds a low-end boost between 10 Hz and 400 Hz while losing the high lift. 
  • Low Cut — 120 cut filter to reduce low frequency rumble.


What is FAT mode and when should I use it?

• FAT mode adds a low-end boost between 10 Hz and 400 Hz while losing the high lift 

• Adds weight to thinner sound sources and higher register vocals 

• Allows vocalists to be away from the microphone, while maintaining the low frequencies you normally get from proximity effect 

• Can be used in conjunction with the Low Cut roll off filter for additional sonic sculpting


What is the polar pattern?

UA Bock 187 has a fixed cardioid polar pattern.


What is UA Bock 187 great for?

UA Bock 187 is equally at home with intimate vocals and high SPL instruments like electric guitars and drums. The FAT switch and large output transformer make it an ideal choice for low frequency capture. 


Does UA Bock 187 come with any plug-ins or software?

Yes. We designed custom Apollo Channel Strip Presets for Apollo and UA Bock 187 to give you great sounding results right out of the box. 

To get your presets follow the steps below.

  1. Open UA Connect.
  2. Click Microphones in the left column and select your mic.
  3. Click INSTALL under Additional Downloads.

To load your Apollo Channel Strip Presets, click INSERTS in Console.

General info

Does UA Bock 187 need phantom power?

Yes, UA Bock 187 requires 48 VDC phantom power to operate.


Is UA Bock 187 the same as Soundelux U195?

UA Bock 187 is the latest revision of the Soundelux U195. It is RoHS/REACH compliant for global distribution.



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