Why is my Apollo Clicking When I Change Certain Settings?

Q: Why is my Apollo clicking when I change certain settings?

A: There are a number of different actions that will cause the internal relays in your Apollo to “click”. While this sound can be alarming at first, this is completely normal behavior and it does not indicate that there are any issues with your Apollo. We have a comprehensive list below of the actions that will cause your Apollo’s relays to click during normal use. 

Note: Not all features listed are available on all models, and not all actions listed cause relay clicks on all models. 


Actions That Cause Relay Clicks on Apollo Interfaces

Powering up

Changing Input Type (Mic, Line, Hi-Z)

Engaging/Disengaging the Pad

Stereo Linking Channels (only if the input type or pad setting is changed when the channels are linked)

Changing Monitor Level in Console Settings (not available on Apollo FireWire or silver Apollo 16)

Changing Output Reference Levels in Console Settings

Enabling or Disabling Line Input Gain in Console Settings (Apollo 8 and Apollo 8p only)

Enabling or Disabling Monitor Output Gain Bypass in Console Settings (Apollo 8, Apollo 8p, and Apollo 16 mkII only)

Changing Clock Source (does not cause relay clicks on silver Apollo Twin, Apollo 16/16 mkII, or Apollo FireWire)

Changing Sample Rate (Apollo Twin mkII, Apollo 8, and Apollo 8p only)

Changing Line Input Reference Level


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