How to register Sphere Modeling Microphone

Read below for help with registering a Sphere DLX, LX, or L22 microphone and installing the Sphere software.


Installing native Sphere plug-ins

You can download and install native Sphere plug-ins with the UA Connect application after you register your microphone. If UA Connect is not yet installed, download and install the app here

To register your microphone and install Sphere software:

  1. Open UA Connect and log in.
  2. At the bottom of the UA Connect screen, click Add Hardware. 
  3. In the serial number field, type the serial number from the label on your microphone’s Quick Start Guide, and click Enter. For assistance locating the serial number of your microphone, please click here.
  4. Your microphone appears. Click the Register button to register your microphone. Screen_Shot_2023-01-11_at_4.40.58_PM.jpg
  5. Your microphone is now registered, and download buttons appear to get Sphere software.Screen_Shot_2023-01-11_at_8.00.17_PM.jpg
  6. To download and install the native Sphere plug-ins, click the Download button in the native Sphere Mic Collection tile. UA Connect performs the installation for native Sphere plug-ins. 


Installing UAD Sphere plug-ins

UAD Sphere plug-ins are contained within UAD software. To download and install UAD software, click the Get button in the Sphere Mic Collection – UAD tile to visit the UAD software downloads page. For UAD software installation instructions, visit the UAD getting started articles.

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