Realtime Rack v1.0.1 Patch

Important Note

The Realtime Rack v1.0.1 patch is only required if using UAD v7.4.3 software. If using UAD v8.6.3 software, the patch is already contained in that software so it is not necessary to download or install the patch separately. UAD v8.6.3 is available here. See the System Requirements article for details. 


About Realtime Rack v1.0.1 Patch

The Realtime Rack v1.0.1 application resolves an issue that can prevent data sent by Soundcraft Vi-series consoles from being correctly displayed within the Realtime Rack v1.0 application. Realtime Rack v1.0.1 is only available using the patch installer provided below.

Important: The Realtime Rack v1.0.1 patch must be installed on top of an existing installation of the complete Realtime Rack software.

Before installing Realtime Rack Patch v1.0.1

  1. Confirm the complete Realtime Rack software is already installed. The full installer is available here.
  2. QUIT the Realtime Rack application if it is open.
  3. For optimum results, the latest Soundcraft Vi-series console software should be used in conjunction with the Realtime Rack v1.0.1 patch. For the latest Soundcraft Vi-series console software, click here.

To install the Realtime Rack v1.0.1 patch:

    1. Download the Realtime Rack v1.0.1 Patch installer by clicking the link below:


Realtime Rack v1.0.1 Patch Installer


  1. Double-click the downloaded zip archive to decompress it, then double click the Realtime-Rack-101-Patch.pkg file to open the patch installer.
  2. The installer will guide you through the installation process. Note: If multiple volumes are mounted, be sure to select the startup volume.
  3. After the "installation was successful" window appears, click the Close button. No restart is necessary.

Realtime Rack v1.0.1 is installed and ready for use.

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