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RMA Shipping Information

Shipment Details

Please include a cover letter indicating your name, your RMA number, your return shipping address, and a brief description of the problem. It is also advised to place a duplicate address label inside the package in case there is damage to the label attached to the outside of the package.


Use a Corrugated Box:

Whenever possible, use a new box. The more times a box is used, the more it loses its original protective qualities, so a previously used box may not adequately protect your shipment.

If you must reuse a box, make sure it is rigid and in excellent condition with no punctures, tears, rips, or corner damage, and that all flaps are intact. Remove any labels and all other shipment markings from the box.

Provide Internal Protection:

It is important to cushion the contents of your package properly to prevent damage during transit.

Each item should be surrounded by at least two inches (5.08 cm) of cushioning and be placed at least two inches (5.08 cm) away from the walls of the box. This prevents product-against-product damage and protects contents from shock and vibration, which can pass from the outside of the box to the contents.

Please use proper cushioning material, combined with a strong outer container, to protect your shipment fully. Make sure you use enough cushioning material to ensure that the contents do not move when you shake the container.

Please use the materials listed below to cushion and protect your shipment:

Packing Foam (Best Option)

  • Materials may include expanded polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, or copolymers
Air-encapsulated plastic (small and large cell bubble sheeting)

  • Used in multiple wraps and layers to ensure that the item is completely protected, especially on corners and edges

Improper cushioning material includes: Clothing, blankets, towels, newspaper/newsprint, pillows, and polystyrene "peanuts" ( peanuts cause static electricity and can also work themselves into areas that may cause harm to your merchandise).

Shipping Cost:

You are responsible for the cost of shipping your returned product to the Universal Audio service facility. Universal Audio we will pay to ship the product back to you using the same shipping method used to ship the product to the Universal Audio service facility (ground, over-night, etc.).

Please be aware that any local customs charges will not be paid by UA.

Shipping Service:

We recommend that you use a courier service of your choice to ship your product (e.g. UPS, FedEx, etc..). The package should be insured for an appropriate value and should be traceable.

We do not recommend that you use regular Mail delivery service - although some Postal Services do offer courier type deliveries with insurance and tracking features which would be acceptable.

Please ask your shipper to record the RMA # on all paperwork. Different courier services offer different delivery features and shipping costs. Some examples of the features offered are overnight delivery and customs brokerage services for international deliveries. Please select a courier service with the features and shipping costs that are acceptable to you.

Return shipments will be sent 'Signature Required'. If you elect to wave this option please reply to this email and specific 'No Signature Required' in the body of the email.

Lost or Damaged shipments:

Universal Audio cannot be held responsible for packages which are lost, misdirected, or damaged en route to our service facilities.

Damage claims should be submitted directly to the courier service provider.

Damaged shipments - Repair Costs:

Customers will be responsible for the costs to repair a damaged product if the package is not packed properly per the guidelines listed above.

For any additional questions about shipping your product you can refer to the instructions posted on the following UPS link:

How To Prepare for Shipping