Meter Bridge

The Meter Bridge (illustrated below) is always visible at the top of the UAD Console window. It displays all non-hidden input channels, signal activity at these inputs, and the Bank Bar, which is used to scroll inputs that are out of horizontal view.

Meter Bridge elements

Input Channels

The Meter Bridge represents all Apollo input channels. When an input channel is hidden with the Show/Hide Inputs function, that channel is not displayed in the Meter Bridge.

Channel Meters

Each vertical LED meter represents input signal activity in the channel. These small meters mirror the activity of each high-resolution Input Meter that is displayed next to each channel’s Input Fader.

Bank Bar

When the UAD Console window does not have enough available horizontal space to display all available input channels, the gray Bank Bar appears within the Meter Bridge.

The Bank Bar “floats” on top of all input channels in the Meter Bridge. The Bank Bar is used to change the channels that are visible within the Current Bank.

Note: The Bank Bar only appears when the UAD Console window is too narrow to display all input channels.

Current Bank

The Current Bank is all input channels that are currently displayed in the main body of the UAD Console window (below the Meter Bridge) as shown in the illustration below. The Bank Bar only appears when the UAD Console window is too narrow to display all input channels. The gray Bank Bar is used to change the Current Bank.

Slide the Bank Bar or use the methods below to bring other inputs into view

Changing the Current Bank

Any of these methods can be used to change the channels within the Current Bank:

Click – Click anywhere within the Meter Bridge outside of the Bank Bar. The Bank Bar jumps to the channel that is clicked in the Meter Bridge.

Drag – Drag the gray Bank Bar to slide it across available channels.

Hover Scroll – Position the mouse over the Meter Bridge, then scroll horizontally with the computer’s input device.

Arrow keys – When the Bank Bar has keyboard focus, use the computer’s left/right arrow keys to navigate the Current Bank.

Meter Bridge Menu

The Meter Bridge menu provides access to various functions related to the Meter Bridge. To view the menu, right-click or control-click within the Meter Bridge.

Tip: All functions in the Meter Bridge menu are available elsewhere within UAD Console.

Device Names

Shows or hides Apollo’s Device Name in the Meter Bridge. Device Names can be changed in the Settings > Hardware panel.

This feature is intended primarily for use with multi-unit systems. When the Meter Bridge contains the inputs for more than one Apollo unit, this feature groups the input channels by device name for easier input identification.

Show/Hide Offline Devices

By default, devices in the Hardware panel within the UAD Console Settings window that are not currently connected are displayed in the Meter Bridge. To show/hide offline devices, choose this item from the menu. Show/Hide Offline Devices is available exclusively within this menu.


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