Inserts Browser

Clicking any empty insert slot displays the Inserts Browser. Click any available UAD plug-in from the browser to load the plug-in into the insert.

The Inserts Browser

Adding Plug-Ins

When you click on an insert, your list of supported UAD-2 plug-ins opens in the Inserts browser. For example, only Unison plug-ins appear when you click a Unison insert. 

Click on any plug-in to add it to the insert. Note that you can only add a Unison-enabled plug-in in the Unison insert.

The list of plug-ins in the browser changes depending on the context. Plug-ins are organized into two folders: 

  • Universal Audio displays your available plug-ins, including plug-ins that are licensed and plug-ins that still have available demos. Plug-ins that have available demos appear at the bottom of the list.
  • Universal Audio [inactive] includes plug-ins that are not licensed and no longer have an available demo.

Search Bar

You can easily search for and choose plug-ins in the Inserts browser. To search for a plug-in, after you click on an insert to open the plug-in browser, begin typing. As you type the browser shows the search results.


You can navigate through the list of plug-ins and apply plug-ins using the up and down arrow keys. As you select a plug-in, it is loaded into the insert.


UAD plug-ins are organized into categories. Categories run across the top of the plugins list, and allow you to view a subset of plug-ins. You can expand and close the list of categories by clicking the disclosure triangle next to Categories. 

Click a category to see plug-ins for that category. Deselect all categories to see all plug-ins.


You can favorite plug-ins, and filter the list of plug-ins by your favorites.

  • To favorite a plug-in, hover over the plug-in name, and click the star to the right of the plug-in.
  • To unfavorite a plug-in, hover over the plug-in and click the favorite star again.
  • To show only favorites in your plug-in list, click Favorites.

Edit a Plug-In

If the insert already contains an assigned plug-in, clicking the insert opens the Plug-In Editor Window, where plug-in controls can be adjusted.

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