Plug-In Editor Window

Click any insert that contains a plug-in to open the editor window, where UAD plug-in parameters can be adjusted and/or plug-in presets are managed. In Small view, click in the center of the plug-in insert.

Multiple editor windows can be open simultaneously. By default, each opened editor window is offset so one window doesn’t completely cover another.

Tip: To open each editor window at the same screen location, shift+click the insert.


Title Bar

The editor window’s title bar is displayed at the top of each editor window.

UAD Console Input – The UAD Console input containing the insert is displayed.

UAD Console Insert – The insert slot number (1 – 4) or Unison is displayed.

Close – Closes the editor window.

UAD Toolbar

The UAD Toolbar is located at the top of every UAD plug-in window. This toolbar contains convenient features that you can use with every UAD plug-in.

Previous/Next Preset

Use the < > buttons to quickly select the previous or next preset in the Preset Browser without opening the browser window.

Preset Title

The active preset title is displayed here. If the preset settings have been modified, the title is displayed in italics.

Tip: Click the preset title to open the Preset Browser.


Use the power button to compare plug-in processing with the original sound. To enable or disable audio processing, click the button above the plug-in’s controls. When power is highlighted, the plug-in is enabled and processing audio. When not highlighted, the plug-in is bypassed.

Power is a soft bypass, equivalent to toggling the power button in the plug-in. This method keeps the plug-in loaded on DSP to prevent audio interruptions when toggling. When the plug-in is bypassed with the DAW’s bypass control, the plug-in is unloaded from DSP which can cause playback glitches.

Copy/Paste Settings

Use Copy and Paste to copy settings from the plug-in and paste them to a different instance of the same plug-in. You can use this to copy and paste settings between instances of the same plug-in within a session.

Settings Compatibility

You can load/save and copy/paste settings between the same UAD plug-in title, as well as load/save/copy/paste between SE and standard plug-ins of the same title (for example, between Neve 33609 and Neve 33609SE).

Note: Presets and settings between Legacy titles and their newer equivalents with the same title are not compatible (e.g., Fairchild 670 Legacy and Fairchild 670).

Plug-In Options

Click the UAD-2 ••• button to open the plug-in options menu.


Resize Plug-In

Select a resize value, from 75% – 200%, to immediately resize a plug-in.When you resize a plug-in, that resize level is shared immediately between all instances of that plug-in.

Choose Apply to All to immediately apply the current plug-in’s resize level to all plug-in titles.

To reset all UAD plug-ins to the default size, choose the 100% option, then choose Apply to All. All UAD plug-ins are resized to their original size.

Help & Video

Select Help & Video to access documentation and tips for the plug-in. You can then choose to open the online documentation page or a short video. The video gives quick tips on the operation of the plug-in, and the documentation page details the operation and controls of the plug-in.

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