Channel Strip Presets

A Channel strip preset is a complete collection of plug-ins within a single channel, and all parameter settings within those plug-ins. Channel strip presets are saved as a disk file so they can be subsequently recalled into the same or a different channel. Channel strip preset files have the ".uadchannel" suffix.

Tip: To open the Channel strip preset browser, click the + next to the Inserts label on a mixer channel, or right click the channel label and choose Channel Presets.

Channel Strip Presets Folder

All channel strip presets reside in the Channel presets folder. 

Note: Channel strip presets can only be saved to the Channel strip presets folder.

Channel Strip Presets Sub-Folders

The Channel Strip presets folder can contain one level of sub-folders for additional channel strip preset organization capability. The contents of sub-folders (if any) is displayed in the SUB-FOLDER column when a folder in the CHANNEL PRESET column is selected.

Load, Save, Rename, Delete Channel Strip Presets

Channel Strip Preset files can be manipulated using the same methods as Plug-In Preset files. See Using UAD Plug-In Presets for details.

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