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OX Amp & Speaker Connection Diagram

Caution: Always POWER OFF the tube amp before connecting or disconnecting its speaker output!


OX speaker wire connections to amp and speaker cabinet

Amp & Speaker Connection Notes

Caution: To avoid equipment and/or hearing damage, be careful to connect and power the amp and OX in the proper sequence.

• Use only high-quality 12 to 16 gauge unshielded 1⁄4” mono TS (tip-sleeve) speaker cables for OX’s high-power FROM AMPLIFIER and TO SPEAKER connections. “Speaker” is usually printed on these cables.

Tip: As a general guideline, the longer a speaker cable is, the smaller its cable gauge needs to be (smaller gauge = bigger wires).

• If connecting a tube combo amp (speaker and amp in the same cabinet), you might need a male-to-female speaker extension cable (not included) to reach between OX's TO SPEAKER output jack and the guitar speaker.


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