OX Amp Top Box: Amp & Speaker Connection Diagrams

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General Amp & Speaker Wiring Notes

  • Caution: Always POWER OFF the tube amp before connecting or disconnecting its speaker output! For important wiring notes, see the Quick Start chapter in the OX Manual.
  • Caution: To avoid equipment and/or hearing damage, be careful to connect and power the amp and OX in the proper sequence. For details, see the Quick Start chapter in the OX Manual.
  • Use only high-quality 12 to 16 gauge unshielded 1⁄4” mono TS (tip-sleeve) speaker cables for OX’s high-power FROM AMPLIFIER and TO SPEAKER connections. “Speaker” is usually printed on these cables.
  • As a general guideline, the longer a speaker cable is, the smaller its cable gauge needs to be
    (smaller gauge = bigger wires).


Combo Amp Wiring

When connecting a combo amp to OX, the amp's internal speaker cable might not be long enough to reach OX. The methods below can be used to extend the length of the internal speaker cable so it can reach OX's "TO SPEAKER" output jack.

  • Speaker cable extension – A speaker extension cable has a 1⁄4” female jack at one end (which connects to the internal speaker's 1⁄4” plug), and a 1⁄4” male plug at the other end (which connects to OX's "TO SPEAKER" output jack).
  • Female/Female coupler plus speaker cable – The barrel coupler has a 1⁄4” female jack at both ends. In this case, plug the internal speaker into one side of the coupler, and an additional 1⁄4” speaker cable (male/male) into the other side of the coupler. Plug the other end of the additional speaker cable into OX's "TO SPEAKER" output jack.
  • No speaker jacks or plugs? – Speakers in older combo amps might be wired directly to the internal amplifier, without removable connectors. In this case, a qualified amp technician can modify the amp to accommodate 1⁄4” connections.
  • For related information, see Setting up OX with Combo Amps.


OX high-power connections with a combo amp
(speaker and amp in the same cabinet)



Amp Head and Cabinet Wiring


OX high-power connections with an amp head and separate speaker cabinet



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