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Complete Your Bundle FAQ

Our new “Complete Your Bundle” offer gives you credit for plug-ins you’ve purchased that are part of a UAD Bundle, and lets you complete that Bundle with unprecedented savings.

For answers to common questions regarding this offer, please see below.


How much of a discount will I get?

It depends on the plug-ins that you already own and the bundle that you're purchasing. To see your best prices, visit the My Offers section of your account. 

Can I combine a coupon with these discounts?


I just purchased a Bundle, and now when I log in to my account I see it listed at a lower price. Why?

The web store checks your account to see which plug-in licenses you own and displays your special price accordingly. Once you purchase the Bundle and own all of the individual plug-ins contained in it, the web store will show you the maximum discount for that particular bundle. 

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