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LUNA Resource Usage

The following table indicates what is processed by your computer’s native CPU and UAD DSP core(s) when using LUNA.

Processed by native CPU Processing

Processed by UAD DSP core(s)

LUNA Recording System

UAD Powered Plug-Ins

LUNA Extensions

A.R.M. Channels in LUNA

LUNA Instruments


Audio Units plug-ins


 In LUNA, the System info area displays the sample rate, clock source, DSP, CPU, and memory resource loads used by LUNA.  This information is displayed at the bottom of the LUNA window by default:


If this area is not showing, you can show it from LUNA’s View menu. Select View > Section > Info.


Native CPU processing

Render Meter - The amount of computer CPU used by all native processing

RenderIO Meter - The amount of computer CPU used by plug-ins on Instrument tracks in ARM mode.

Memory - The amount of computer memory used by LUNA.



Processed by UAD DSP

DSP - The amount of digital signal processing resources that are being used by the UAD plug-in algorithms.

PGM -  shows how much UAD program memory is in use by UAD plug-ins.

MEM -  indicates the percentage of UAD random access memory that is currently in use by UAD plug-ins.

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