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UAD Software Compatibility with Windows 11

UA Compatibility with Windows 11

  • UAD v10.0.0 is tested and compatible with Windows 11
  • Apollo and Arrow models connected via Thunderbolt are compatible
  • Apollo models with Thunderbolt Option Card are compatible
  • Volt interfaces are compatible
  • UAD-2 PCIe cards are compatible
  • Apollo models connected via FireWire are compatible
  • UAD-2 Satellite FireWire is compatible


Using UAD Software with Windows 11

  • There are currently no known compatibility issues with Apollo audio interfaces or UAD-2 DSP accelerators.
  • Although untested operating systems may work, they are not supported by Universal Audio. 
  • Some audio software companies advise users not to install specific operating systems due to incompatibilities with their software. Universal Audio recommends inquiring with companies that make the software you use about compatibility before upgrading your OS.


For the latest info about Mac and Windows compatibility please visit this article.

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