Vintage Preamp and 76 Compressor Questions


What is Vintage preamp mode?

Vintage preamp mode is an all-analog circuit designed exclusively for Volt interfaces, giving you the rich, full sound of UA tube preamps on your mic, line, and instrument inputs.

To enable the feature, simply press the VINTAGE button. See the following video for more information:


What is the 76 Compressor?

The 76 Compressor lets you add clarity and punch to voice, guitars, and more, with an analog compressor inspired by UA's iconic 1176.

Press the 76 COMPRESSOR button repeatedly to cycle through the presets or disable the circuit (VOC, GTR, FAST, or OFF). 

See the following video for more information:


What are the attack, release, and ratios of the 76 Compressor presets?

The LEDs above the 76 Compressor button indicate whether the compressor is off or enabled with one of the presets. The 76 Compressor presets have the following characteristics:


Fast attack and slow release for classic smooth vocal compression


Slow attack and relatively quick release allows more guitar/bass transients


Very fast attack and medium release for aggressive compression


  • Although these presets are designed to work well with these particular sources, you can use any setting with any source. Feel free to use the 76 Compressor creatively.
  • The 76 Compressor features fixed make-up gain, which raises the output level to compensate for the compressor’s gain reduction. The make-up gain can be used as an additional level boost when the compressor is enabled, even when no gain reduction is occurring.


Do Vintage and Compressor work on mic, line, and instrument inputs?


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