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Troubleshooting Installation — How to Allow Universal Audio Software


MacOS Allow

To improve macOS security, Apple requires that new drivers must be explicitly allowed to load in the Security & Privacy pane within macOS System Preferences. If new UAD software is installed and the UAD drivers are not allowed, the UAD Meter will display Click Allow in Security & Privacy or Driver Not Yet Allowed in red text.


Allow UAD software in macOS System Preferences

For detailed instructions on how to allow UAD software on Mac, see the specific compatibility article for your version of  macOS:


"Driver Not Installed Correctly" or “Driver Version Mismatch” on other operating systems 

On all other operating systems, "Driver Not Installed Correctly" or "Driver Version Mismatch" typically means that there was an issue with the installation of one or more UAD drivers. This issue can usually be resolved by doing a complete uninstall/reinstall of the UAD software, including manually deleting the UAD preference files (as well as the UAD drivers on Windows). For instructions, visit the article for your operating system below.

UAD Uninstall/Reinstall Instructions


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