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Driver Not Installed Correctly on macOS Big Sur


Note: If installing UAD software on an Apple Silicon M1 Mac, click here for M1 installation help.


Some macOS Big Sur users running macOS 11.4 and lower may experience an issue that prevents UAD software from properly installing. Newer UAD software is available that resolves this issue.


After installing UAD software on macOS Big Sur, “Driver Not Installed Correctly” is displayed in the UAD Meter & Control Panel app. The "Allow" button in System Preferences > Security & Privacy is either unavailable, or does not load the UAD driver when clicked.




Update to the latest UAD software.



Important: macOS Big Sur must be updated to 11.5 or later. Updating to the latest version of Big Sur is recommended.

Follow these instructions to install the latest UAD software.

  1. Click this link to download the latest UAD software installer:
    Download UAD Software
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to open the installer. The installer launches and guides you through installation.
  3. Restart the computer when prompted by the installer.

After restarting, the UAD Meter & Control Panel window should show gauges instead of red text. If you still have issues, please contact UA Customer Support for further assistance.



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