FAQ: Native UAD Plug-Ins

This article answers the most commonly asked questions regarding native plug-ins.

Native vs UAD-2/Apollo Questions

If I purchase a UAD plug-in, do I get a license for native and Apollo/UAD-2 versions?

Yes – for every UAD plug-in that supports both native and Apollo/UAD-2 versions, you get a license for both. To browse the collection of native UAD plug-ins, visit this page.


What are the advantages of using Apollo Realtime plug-ins versus native UAD plug-ins?

  • Apollo Realtime plug-ins allow you to record and monitor through UAD plug-ins with near-zero latency, regardless of your DAW buffer size.
  • You get all the benefits of Unison technology.
  • Apollo Realtime/UAD-2 uses your UAD hardware’s DSP to process audio, easing the load on your computer’s CPU.


What are the advantages of using native UAD plug-ins versus Apollo Realtime/UAD-2 versions?

  • You can mix on-the-go with UAD plug-ins without having UA hardware attached.
  • Native UAD plug-ins allow you to run as many instances of a plug-in as your computer can handle.


Are native UAD plug-ins priced the same as UAD-2 plug-ins?

Yes, for every UAD Plug-In that supports native and Apollo/UAD-2 versions, your purchase includes a license for both. Whether you are buying for Native or Apollo (or both), one purchase is all you need. UAD-2 exclusive titles still require Apollo/UAD hardware to operate.

Do UAD Native plug-ins sound the same as UAD-2 plug-ins? 

Yes, native plug-ins sound identical to the UAD-2 plug-ins.

Do settings and/or presets translate from DSP to native?

Yes, all plug-ins support copy/paste of settings between the two plug-in formats. With LUNA v1.4 (and higher), switching between native and DSP plug-in versions, along with their settings, can be done automatically.

Are all UAD plug-ins available natively?

Not all plug-ins are available natively. To find which plug-ins are available natively, visit this page.

Will there be more UAD plug-ins that run natively in the future? 

Yes, and they will be added to UAD Spark as they become available.

What’s the advantage of UAD Spark?

Subscribe for access to a growing collection of native UAD plug-ins for one low price.

iLok Questions

Native UAD plug-ins require an iLok account for activation. Please read below for common questions about iLok activations.


What do I need for iLok activation?

UA Connect will guide you through the process of creating a free iLok account or linking to an existing iLok account. iLok Cloud is also supported, meaning no iLok USB is required. 


How many iLok activations do I get for each purchase?

Two. The additional activation is intended as a backup that you may activate on a physical iLok USB.


How many computers can I activate my native UAD plug-ins on? 

Two activations are supported for native products, which can use the iLok Cloud service and/or a physical iLok dongle. iLok Cloud only supports one computer connection at a time.

Can I run Native UAD plug-ins offline? 

Yes. You will need a physical iLok USB (2nd generation or higher) to authorize and run Native UAD plug-ins offline. To learn more, click here.


Purchasing UAD Plugins

Where can I purchase native UAD plug-ins?

Visit the UA Store or participating and authorized UA Dealers.

Can I try native UAD plug-ins before I buy?

Yes, 30-day plug-in demos are available. Find eligible plug-ins on this page.

Users can benefit from only one demo period per plug-in. Demo resets are not possible for native plug-ins.

How do I get my native UAD plug-ins?

After purchasing a plug-in, you will be guided to download and install UA Connect to get your plug-in(s). To learn more about UA Connect, click here.

If you already have UA Connect installed, open the application to install your plug-in(s).

What about returns and refunds?

We do not offer returns or refunds for software.


Will I be able to sell or transfer my native UAD plug-ins to another UA account?

No, transfers of native UAD plug-ins alone are not supported.


If I sell my Apollo, can I transfer the native versions of my UAD-2 license(s) to the new owner?

Yes. If you sell an Apollo and transfer all of your plug-ins to the new owner, the native versions are transferred along with the Apollo/UAD-2 licenses. For more information about transferring hardware, read this article.

Note: Plug-ins cannot be transferred individually, or without transferring a DSP-enabled device such as Apollo, Satellite or Arrow.

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