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Apollo Solo USB Manual

Get the latest manual for your Apollo Solo USB audio interface. This manual contains complete hardware and software operating instructions for the interface. UAD plug-in manuals are available separately.


Apollo Solo USB Manual PDF


UAD Plug-In Companion Manuals

  • For the UAD plug-ins manual, go here.
  • For native (UADx) plug-in manuals, go here
  • For Direct Developer (3rd-party) manuals, go here.


  • This manual is for the latest version of UAD software. Some content may not apply to earlier UAD versions.
  • To get prior manuals, download and install archived UAD software. Manuals matching the archived software are copied to disk during installation (UAD v10 and earlier only).
  • PDF files require a free reader application such as Preview (included with macOS), Edge (included with Windows), or Adobe Reader.