Apollo Hardware Manuals

The Apollo hardware manuals are companion guides to the Apollo software manuals. They contain detailed operating instructions for hardware controls, physical inputs/outputs, and specifications for each Apollo model.

Apollo Twin Hardware Manuals

Apollo X Series Hardware Manuals (Thunderbolt 3)

Apollo Black Series Hardware Manuals (Thunderbolt 2)

Apollo Silver Series Hardware Manuals (FireWire)

Apollo SOLO, Apollo SOLO USB, and Arrow Manuals


  • Each Apollo model has its own hardware manual.
  • Your product may have additional manuals. For all UAD and Apollo manuals, go here
  • This manual is for the latest version of UAD software. Some content may not apply to earlier UAD versions.
  • To get prior manuals, download and install archived UAD software. Manuals matching the archived software are copied to disk during installation (UAD v10 and earlier only).
  • PDF files require a free reader application such as Preview (included with macOS), Edge (included with Windows), or Adobe Reader.




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