Why did I get an email saying that my microphone was transferred out of my account?

If you received an email stating that your microphone was transferred out of your UA account, someone else has registered the microphone with UA Connect. The microphone transfer email is sent when:

  • You sold your microphone and the buyer registered the microphone.
  • You loaned your microphone to a friend who registered the microphone.
  • You returned your microphone to the retailer and another person has registered the microphone.

It’s easy to transfer a microphone back to your UA account. Just use UA Connect to register the microphone again. The microphone will be automatically transferred back to your UA account and removed from the previous UA account.

To learn more about microphone registration and transfers, please view this article. If you are still uncertain about why you have received an email about your microphone being transferred, please submit a support ticket.

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