FAQ: UA Microphone Registration

The questions below provide further information about the UA microphone registration process.

How do I register my UA Microphone?

To register your UA Microphone, you will need to download UA Connect and follow the registration process outlined here.

Where is the serial number located for my microphone?

The serial number for the microphone is located on the packaging of the microphone. Additionally, the serial number is also printed on the microphone itself.

For the Standard Series microphones (SD-1, SP-1, SC-1, SD-3, SD-5 and SD-7), the serial number is located in the XLR connector of the microphone itself.

Note, if you have a stereo pair with an A or B in the serial number, remove the letter when entering the serial number to complete registration.


For the UA Bock microphones, the serial number is printed on the lower base of the microphone, around the XLR connector.


For the Sphere DLX and Sphere LX, the serial number is located on the lower base of the microphone, around the XLR connector. 


For the Townsend Labs Sphere L22, the serial number is on the back of the microphone, on the opposite side of the Townsend Labs logo.



How do I get the Apollo Channel Strip Presets for my microphone?

Apollo Channel Strip Presets are available for the SD-1, SP-1, and UA Bock microphones. Upon registration of your microphone, you will be emailed the Apollo Channel Strip Presets and instructions on how to install them. If you did not receive the email, ensure that the email did not go into your spam or junk mail folder.

To get your presets follow the steps below.

  1. Open UA Connect.
  2. Click Microphones in the left column and select your mic.
  3. Click INSTALL under Additional Downloads.

To load your Apollo Channel Strip Presets, click INSERTS in Console.

How do I get the Hemisphere Microphone Collection plug-in?

You will automatically be issued the Hemisphere Microphone Collection after registering at least one new UA Standard Series Microphone. For more information, please navigate to this page.

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