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CleanMyMac X and UA Software

If you are experiencing the following issues, you may want to check if you are running system cleaner tools such as CleanMyMac X before doing any further troubleshooting.

  • Console does not launch and/or the Console icon continues to bounce in the dock
  • UA Connect is unable to install software

System cleaning software such as CleanMyMac X removes certain system files and macOS functionality that is required by UA software. In many cases this can be difficult to assess and repair.

The best recommendation to restore functionality is to remove the system cleaning software, utilizing the uninstaller they provide.

You can then proceed to repair the UAD installation for Apollo and Satellite devices as follows:
(Mac) UAD Uninstall / Reinstall Procedure

If UA Connect is not able to install software, and you have previously had CleanMyMacX installed, please refer to this article.

NOTE: As CleanMyMac X functionally affects core macOS functionality and it can be difficult to restore, in some cases a clean install of macOS is required to restore macOS into a state that can run UA software. Be careful not to use Migration Assistant or Time Machine after the clean installation, as this potentially could restore the same issues to the machine.

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