UA Connect with LUNA

Installing and authorizing LUNA from UA Connect

To get LUNA, download UA Connect.

  1. Install UA Connect.
  2. After installation, in UA Connect, click the LUNA tab.
  3. If the LUNA license is not yet redeemed, click Redeem. 
  4. If LUNA is not yet authorized, click Activate License. 
  5. Click Download to download and install LUNA. 
  6. Start LUNA from the Applications folder, macOS Dock, or Launchpad.
  7. If you have not linked an iLok account, create and link an iLok account automatically, or link to an existing iLok account.
  8. When you are prompted to allow access to the Microphone, click OK.
    Note: You must allow LUNA to access the Microphone in order to record audio.
  9. Complete the installation.



After the install completes, the Shape UAD Instrument downloads and installs automatically.



About and iLok accounts

LUNA uses two different accounts.

  • Your account connects LUNA with the Universal Audio cloud, so you can purchase, download, and manage updates to LUNA, UAD instruments, and LUNA Extensions. You can also buy UAD plug-ins and access LUNA educational and informational resources with your account.
  • Your iLok account (iLok USB hardware and/or iLok Cloud) authorizes the LUNA app, UAD instruments, and LUNA Extensions. You can either use an existing account, or create one automatically and link it to LUNA during the installation process.

Using an iLok hardware key or iLok Cloud

LUNA includes two authorizations for the LUNA app, and two licenses for each authorized Extension and Instrument. You can move iLok authorizations to physical iLok USB hardware keys to use your authorizations with multiple macOS systems, or you can use one iLok Cloud session.

iLok Cloud allows you to authorize LUNA, LUNA Extensions, and UAD instruments on a macOS system that is connected to the internet. iLok Cloud requires a constant connection to the internet, as the licenses are checked periodically. With iLok Cloud, you can authorize one LUNA instance at a time. If you start a second iLok Cloud session, the existing iLok Cloud session is logged out. If you need to log in to a second machine while an iLok Cloud session is running, you’ll need to use a physical iLok key with a license installed. 

If your system is not continuously connected to the internet, or is only connected periodically, use a physical iLok key with a license installed. You can install a LUNA license on your physical iLok hardware key by manually dragging and dropping the LUNA license into the key from within the iLok License Manager application. 

On first run, LUNA may prompt you to choose a default license location (iLok Cloud, or an iLok hardware key if you have one). Choose the license location that you prefer.



Note: iLok License Manager is automatically installed by UA Connect.

Starting LUNA

  1. From Launchpad or the macOS Dock, start LUNA.
  2. LUNA opens, and shows the session open/create page.

When you are logged in, lists of your installed products and other account details appear in the LUNA panel in UA Connect.



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