FAQ: UAD 11 & VST3 Compatibility

Released on November 7, 2023, UAD v11 is the latest version of UAD Software for Apollo audio interfaces and UAD-2 hardware. The most frequently asked questions are answered below.

General Information

What's new with UAD v11?

UAD 11 introduces VST3 compatibility for the UAD-2 library of plug-ins. With support for the latest native Apple silicon, macOS Sonoma, and Windows 11 systems, you can now use your favorite UAD plug-ins in any DAW supporting the VST3 format.

What other features come with UAD v11?

  • Powerful new features for all UAD plug-ins: UAD v11 introduces a suite of new workflow enhancements. Whether you are using Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, FL Studio, or any other VST3, Audio Units or AAX DAW, you now have access to all the new UAD 11 features to increase your productivity and find your sound fast.

  • New Toolbar Features

All UAD plug-ins feature a new and improved toolbar and preset manager available in any DAW. If you use UA’s native UADx plug-ins, you will already be familiar with many of the new functions and features.

Preset Manager: Cycle quickly through presets using the next/prev buttons or click the preset name to open the preset browser for more.

IN button: For quick comparison with the unprocessed signal, the "IN" button provides quick access in every UAD plug-in to the clean, glitch-free bypass. This simple ergonomic addition makes it easy to compare to the original unprocessed signal in every plug-in.

A/B Compare: Now available on every plug-in, compare between two presets or settings quickly and easily. Both the A and B settings are saved with your project so you can always recall an alternate sound for comparison. Use the "Copy A to B" or "B to A" function from the options drop-down menu, or use Copy/Paste to quickly move settings between the A and B location.

Copy/Paste buttons: Easily Copy/Paste settings between plug-in instances running anywhere. Whether you are running the same plug-in on another track, or in LUNA, Console, or another DAW, copy and paste quickly and easily between plug-in instances, with both UAD-2 and UADx plug-ins.

  • Find your sound fast: The new Preset Browser allows you to quickly browse presets and features a Tag menu to narrow in quickly on the sound you are looking for. Whether you want a sound for a particular source, or with a certain tone, use tags to quickly navigate to the sound you need. Click the preset search bar to search as you type. Click the Favorite star to easily mark your favorite presets for later.

  • More expert features

    Custom Default Preset: Have a go-to sound or setting? Now you can choose your own default preset for each UAD plug-in. Whenever you load the plug-in in the future, your default is selected.

    Preset Migration: Presets you've created with previous versions of UAD Software or in Console will automatically be imported into the new plug-in preset library, ready for use.

    Import Presets from anywhere: Want to add more presets to the library from another location? Open the UAD toolbar's dropdown menu to import one or more presets or folders into your library, then quickly access them from all plug-in instances in any DAW.

    Preset File Management: Right-click a preset in the preset browser to reveal preset management features, and rename, delete, create folders or quickly reveal the file location of your user presets.

    Conserve DSP: Now, whether you are running plug-ins in VST 3, AAX or Audio Units, you can conserve DSP when plug-ins are not in use and bypassed by the DAW.

    VST2 to VST3 Migration support: VST2 plug-in sessions and presets are compatible with VST3. Load a session in a compatible DAW such as Cubase or Nuendo, and your VST2 plug-ins are automatically converted to VST3! 

Should I update to UAD v11?

UAD v11 is a free update that supports all current Apollo audio interfaces and UAD-2 hardware. If you are using a computer that runs Windows 10 (or newer) or macOS 10.15 Catalina (or newer), and a DAW that supports VST3 plug-ins, you can update to UAD v11.

Note: Older operating systems are not compatible.


Are macOS Sonoma 14 and Apple silicon systems supported? 

Yes, UAD Software v11 is fully compatible with macOS Sonoma, and all new Apple silicon Mac computers.  The software supports native Apple silicon, and does not require Rosetta.

Is the latest Windows 11 update supported? 

Yes, UAD Software v11 is compatible with the latest Windows 11 update.

If I have sessions that use VST2 plug-ins will they load with the new VST3 plug-ins?

UAD v11 will automatically replace VST2 plug-in instances with the new VST3 plug-ins automatically in DAWs that support this feature, such as Cubase, Nuendo, Studio One, and FL Studio.

If your DAW does not support this feature, you can load both plug-in types and copy/paste settings into the new VST3 plug-in version. VST2 settings are fully compatible with the new VST3 plug-ins.

Note: UAD plug-ins that have been discontinued (e.g. the Auto-Tune Realtime plug-in) are not available in VST3, however VST2 versions are still available until you are able to replace them.

Are sessions or presets created with UAD Software v10 or earlier compatible with new UAD Software v11? 

Yes, all sessions and presets created with UAD Software v10 or earlier can be loaded in UAD Software v11.

Are my presets and settings created with VST2 plug-ins compatible with VST3?

Yes, presets you've saved with VST2 will be automatically imported into the new VST3 plug-in preset browser. Settings can also be copy/pasted from any VST 2 plug-in directly to the VST3 version.

Are there any plug-ins not supported in VST3? 

The new UAD v11 VST3 plug-ins do not include support for the discontinued Antares Auto-Tune Realtime (white GUI version), or the UAD Mono (m) wrapper plug-ins, which have also been discontinued. Whenever necessary, VST2 plug-ins will still be loaded.

Note: Some DAWs, such as Cubase & Nuendo, may require Rosetta support to be enabled to load VST2 plug-ins if using an Apple silicon Mac. 

Are VST2 plug-ins still available?

Yes, VST2 plug-ins are still included in UAD v11 for compatibility purposes. VST2 plug-in support will be discontinued in a future version of UAD Software, so we encourage you to start using VST3 plug-ins from now on for future compatibility.

Are sessions or presets created with v11 software compatible with earlier UAD Software, v10 or earlier? 

Important: Please be aware that DAW sessions and presets created or saved with UAD Software v11 may not load in earlier versions of UAD Software. Be sure to update all of your systems to UAD Software v11 to ensure compatibility.

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