FAQ: Galaxy Tape Echo, Studio D Chorus & Brigade Chorus

See below for answers to common questions regarding the Galaxy Tape Echo, Studio D Chorus, and Brigade Chorus plug-ins. 

For more information about the discontinued Roland / Boss branded plug-ins, please see this article


Are these plug-ins comparable to the previously branded equivalents?

Yes, each plug-in is sonically identical with the same feature set. Only improved graphics, Pro Tools page tables, and new presets differentiate these plug-ins from their previously branded equivalents.

Will older software versions that contain the previously branded plug-ins still be available from UA's website? 

Yes, older versions continue to be available, and the previously branded plug-ins continue to exist on the platform. However, the previously branded plug-ins are not available for purchase.

Can I load presets from a previously branded equivalent into a new equivalent plug-in?

Yes, preset files created with a previously branded equivalent can be loaded into its new equivalent plug-in. Similarly, settings copied from a previously branded equivalent can be pasted into the new equivalent plug-in. However, settings created in the new equivalent plug-ins cannot be loaded/pasted into the previously branded equivalents.

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