FAQ: Antares Auto-Tune General Information

This article provides additional information regarding Antares Auto-Tune Realtime, Realtime Access, Realtime Advanced and Auto-Tune Realtime X.

Which version of Antares Auto-Tune is the latest?

The latest version of Auto-Tune available for Apollo and UAD-2 is Auto-Tune Realtime X.


I own Auto-Tune Realtime, but can’t find it in my plug-ins list. Where can I find it?

Auto-Tune Realtime is the legacy version of the plug-in and has been discontinued. It cannot be purchased from our UAD Store as of 2019. The graphic interface is shown below for reference:


This plug-in is not supported on newer operating systems. However, if you own a license, you can still unhide and use the plug-in in Console by navigating to the Console Settings > Plug-Ins tab and clicking the Hide button.

Note: macOS users using a Silicon machine will need to run Console in Rosetta mode in order to use the legacy version.


I own Auto-Tune Realtime Access, but I don't see it in the UAD Meter & Control Panel. Where can I find it?

The Realtime Access version is the simplified version that is given to users when they purchase specific UA hardware. This license cannot be purchased from our the UAD Store.

Note: This version will not show in the UAD Meter & Control Panel Plug-ins tab that lists all of your UAD-2 licenses, even if you own a license; however, it will show up in your DAW or when inserting it into an effect insert slot in Console.



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