Why Doesn’t Auto-Tune Realtime Access Show Up in UAD Meter & Control Panel?

Auto-Tune Realtime Access is a promotional plug-in that offers industry-leading pitch correction. Auto-Tune Realtime Access is not sold in the UAD Store and is only available through promotions. This plug-in will not be listed with your other UAD Plug-ins in the UAD Meter & Control Panel application. 

Note: To learn about the full version of the plug-in, Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced, click here.

In order to make sure your license for Auto-Tune Realtime Access is authorized and ready for use, you may need to authorize your plug-ins. For more information, please see Authorizing UAD Plug-Ins

You can load Auto-Tune Realtime Access as a channel insert in Console or as an insert in your DAW.


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