FAQ: UAD Console (3rd Generation)

Introduced with UAD software v11.2 is a preview of the new and improved UAD Console application. With a sleek, modern interface, new workflow enhancements, features, and optimizations for powerful, low-latency control of any Apollo interface. This article describes the new features and answers the most frequently asked questions.

For a detailed overview of the UAD Console preview, read the manual here.

You can relay any feedback you have directly from within the application by clicking the Feedback button at the top right corner of UAD Console's main window. The Feedback icon is shown below:
Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 10.14.01.png

Note: The Windows version of the UAD Console preview does not currently have an option to change the buffer size. To do so, we recommend using the Console (Legacy) version instead.


Installation of the UAD Console preview application does not remove the original Console application, and you will find both in your Universal Audio applications folder, with the new application called UAD Console, and the original named Console.

It is still possible to select the previous version of Console by clicking the UA icon in the menu bar on macOS and choosing Console (Legacy). The same can be done on Windows by clicking the small arrow in the taskbar at the bottom right, then the UA icon, and selecting Console (Legacy), both as shown below: 

1_UADConsolePreview_LegacySelect.png 3_UADConsole_Win_ConsoleLegacy.png

Both versions – UAD Console and Console (Legacy) – currently co-exist and there is no need to uninstall the Legacy version.

Important Note: This new version of UAD Console requires the UAD Software v11.2 as a minimum version. To download the UAD Software version 11.2, navigate to this page. For more information about the previous version of UAD Console, read this article.

New Features

UAD Console now features a refreshed graphical user interface along with some major performance improvements. You can now receive updates to UAD Console software without needing to download the entire UAD installer, and stay up to date using UA Connect.

Enhanced Plug-in and Preset Browsing

The new modernized interface now features:

  • Search functionality for plugins.

  • Navigating categories with fewer clicks.

  • Saving Favorites.

  • Setting Default Presets.

  • Sorting plug-ins by ownership to keep the plugins you use at the top of the list.

Plug-in Settings A/B

You can now switch between states of a plug-in to compare settings.

Resizable Plug-in Windows (macOS only)

It is now possible to customize the size of your UAD plug-in on Apple computers.

Mixer View Management

You can now better configure the mixer screen to suit your current workflow. Additionally, it is now possible to view your sends and cues as a complete in-line mixer.

In-App Feedback

Submit experiences, feature requests, and bugs through the built-in feedback form.

Sessions Browser

Recall and manage Sessions from the dedicated Sessions browser.

Mixer Keyboard Scrolling

Use the arrow keys and modifiers to bank the UAD Console mixer by one, all visible, or to far left or right.

Hide All Plug-in Windows

Press Shift + S to Show or Hide all plug-in windows easily.

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