How to Install and Authorize Softube Plug-ins

This article demonstrates how to install and authorize the Softube plug-in licenses included with your purchase of a Volt interface.

  1. Install UA Connect and register your Volt interface, if you have not already done so. More information on this topic is available in this article.
  2. Click the Volt Interfaces tab.
  3. Click Redeem next to the Softube plug-ins (e.g. Marshall Plexi Classic Amp + Time & Tone Bundle).
  4. Softube licenses use iLok License Manager, so an iLok account is required. If an account linked to your UA account is found, you’ll have to option to link it or specify a different iLok ID. If you have no iLok account, click Create iLok Account.
  5. Click the Claim Your Code button. The code is automatically copied to the clipboard. 
  6. Click the Continue button to open the Softube website.
  7. Create a Softube account, or log into your already existing account if you have one.
  8. After logging in, click the Go For It! Button to redeem your licenses.
  9. On the next page, click on Add Your iLok Now. Enter your user iLok ID linked to your UA account.
  10. Click the My Products menu option and download Softube Central to download and authorize your products.
  11. Install Softube Central after you have downloaded the application, then launch it.
  12. Once the installation is finished, open Softube Central and install iLok License Manager when prompted.
  13. Click on Start and log into your Softube account. You will then be able to install your products from the Not Installed tab.
  14. Open your DAW and load the plug-in(s) you installed onto a track. 

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