OX Amp Top Box Hardware Reset

OX Hardware Reset deletes all user settings and returns OX to its original factory state. Follow the directions below to perform a factory hardware reset on your OX:

Important: Factory hardware reset permanently deletes ALL user data, including all user RIG presets, RIG assignments, effect presets, networks, and network password settings.

  1. Make sure nothing is plugged into OX’s USB ports.
  2. Power off OX with the rear panel POWER switch.
  3. Press AND HOLD the rear panel reset switch while powering on OX (see screenshot below for reference). Continue holding the reset switch. 
  4. When OX’s front panel RIG LED begins blinking in red (after approximately 10 seconds), release the reset switch. 
  5. Press the reset switch again within six seconds to confirm the reset. 
  6. Wait 30 seconds or longer, then power off OX and power it back on.
  7. When the RIG LED is solid green again, OX is in its factory state and ready for use.*

*Note: After performing a hardware reset, OX will need to be connected to an external WiFi network to confirm it's registration status before the OX app can be used. However, the hardware reset does not clear OX's registration status in our database. 


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