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OX Firmware Release Notes

OX Amp Top Box firmware can be updated to improve performance and/or add new features. This article contains complete details about OX firmware.

OX Firmware v1.1 — August 8, 2018


Changes In This Release

  • General stability improvements
  • S/PDIF digital output improvements
  • Adds ability to perform future OX firmware updates over Wi-Fi


Details About This Release

  • After installing OX firmware v1.1, OX software applications prior to v1.1 are no longer compatible with OX. To get the latest OX software, click here.
  • OX firmware v1.1 is installed using a specially formatted USB drive. For instructions, see How To Install OX Firmware v1.1 below.
  • After OX firmware v1.1 is installed, future OX firmware updates can be installed over Wi-Fi using the OX software v1.1 (or higher) application.


How To Install OX Firmware v1.1

Important: After installing OX firmware v1.1, OX software v1.1 (or higher) must be used for remote control of OX.

To install OX firmware v1.1, you need:

  1. USB flash drive (1 GB or larger capacity)
  2. Mac or Windows computer

First, you’ll create a firmware updater on the USB drive using the instructions below for Mac and Windows computers. Then, you’ll plug the USB drive into the USB port on OX’s rear panel to update OX’s firmware. All instructions for both steps are on this page.


Create the USB Drive Firmware Updater

Important: Creating the USB drive firmware updater permanently erases all existing content on the USB drive.

Follow these instructions for Mac and Windows computers to create the USB drive firmware updater. The USB drive firmware updater will contain the firmware image you’ll use to update the OX hardware.

Tip: If creating the USB drive firmware updater is unsuccessful, try a different USB drive.


Mac Computer

  1. Download, unzip, and open the OX Firmware 1.1 Update Creator application.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions within the app.
  3. After flashing is complete, follow the OX firmware update instructions below.


Windows Computer

  1. Download the OX-v1.1.0-Firmware.img.gz firmware binary image file.
  2. Download, install, and launch Etcher, a flash drive image utility.
  3. In Etcher, click the “Select Image” button and choose the downloaded binary image file (or drag the firmware binary image file onto the Etcher window).
  4. Connect the USB drive (it will be erased), confirm drive selection in Etcher, and click the “Flash!” button.
  5. After flashing is complete, follow the OX firmware update instructions below.


OX Firmware Update Instructions

Note: Before proceeding, create the USB drive firmware updater.

  1. Power off OX.

  2. Insert the USB drive firmware updater into either USB port on OX's rear panel.

  3. Press and hold the RESET button on OX's rear panel while powering on OX.

  4. Continue holding the RESET button until the front panel RIG LED starts blinking.

  5. Release the RESET button. After about two minutes, OX restarts automatically.
  6. When the RIG LED stops blinking, the USB drive can be safely removed and OX is ready for use!

OX Firmware Update Notes

  • Install OX software v1.1 to use the app with with OX firmware v1.1.
  • OX may not recognize all USB drives, even if the firmware updater was successfully created. If the RIG LED remains solid red and never blinks when following the update instructions, recreate another firmware updater on a different USB drive, and follow the update instructions again.
  • Successful installation of OX firmware v1.1 can be confirmed in the system settings tab within the OX software v1.1 app.


 Get OX software v1.1   

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