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LUNA Release Notes

Note: LUNA Recording System is available for Mac only.

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 Tip: To get the latest version of LUNA, choose "Check For Updates..." under the LUNA menu in any previous version of LUNA.


Version 1.0.6

July 1, 2020

IMPORTANT: LUNA sessions opened in v1.0.6 cannot be opened in earlier LUNA versions due to file format changes.


  • Drag/Drop MIDI to Tracks
    • Drag/drop MIDI from Finder or plug-in window directly to existing track
  • Reverse Audio
    • Right-click waveform to reverse selection via contextual menu
  • Neve Summing and Tape Extension Automation
    • Automate and edit parameters of Neve Summing, Studer A800, and Oxide LUNA Extensions
  • Clear All Automation
    • Edit > Clear All Automation to delete all automation data on tracks within edit selection
  • Clear Recent List
    • Clear recent sessions in CREATE panel via right-click or File menu


  • Added Copy/Paste of compatible automation types such as sends to other sends
  • Improved MIDI loop recording performance
  • Log In window remains open if another application is focused
  • Audio Units plug-ins added in ARM mode are disabled with a notification


  • Resolved an issue that could prevent tracks from being hidden
  • Resolved an issue that prevented playback of newly recorded audio clips for several seconds
  • Resolved an "unable to sync session metadata" error that could occur when tracks lost cue assignments
  • Resolved an issue that could cause all plug-ins to appear in an "Other" folder
  • Resolved an issue that could prevent UAD plug-ins from activating on buses in ARM mode
  • Exported WAV files now recognized by MPC hardware
  • Tape machine C and D no longer appear blank when changing machine type after assignment
  • Resolved an issue that prevented plug-in presets from displaying
  • Resolved an error that could occur selecting overwritten presets for Audio Units plug-ins
  • Disabled plug-ins that are dragged to another insert are no longer enabled
  • Fixed hotkeys that use the "=" key position on German and Austrian keyboard layouts
  • MIDI CC automation value updates made during playback are now audible immediately
  • Resolved an issue that caused grid lines to disappear when changing time signature
  • Save Copy As no longer allows replacing an open session
  • Renaming an open session to the same name as a previously deleted session no longer causes an unexpected error
  • Resolved an issue that could cause fader levels and automation to appear offset for tracks routed to a Neve Summing bus
  • Resolved an issue with log in case sensitivity that could prevent log in for web views in the CREATE panel
  • LUNA Documentation link resolves correctly again
  • Resolved 74 additional internal bug reports



Version 1.0.5 (Supplemental Build 1634)

June 11, 2020

Download This Version


  • Resolved macOS notarization issue preventing application launch on some Catalina systems



Version 1.0.5

June 10, 2020


  • "My Universal Audio" Plug-in Folder
    • Top folder in inserts focus browser shows only owned and active demo UAD plugins
  • Timeline Auto-Scroll
    • New Bars|Beats ruler icon for automatic scrolling in timeline view
    • New Navigation menu option for automatic scrolling in timeline view
  • Rename Exported Files
    • Double-click to rename files in Export Mixdown and Export Clips views
  • Snap Drag and Drop/Duplicate Clips
    • Snap clips to original timeline position by holding control while dragging clips to different tracks
  • Move/Select to Next and Previous Bar
    • Press [ or ] to go forward and backward one bar
    • Press 1 or 2 on the keypad to go forward or backward one bar
    • Add Shift key to extend selection by one bar
  • Heal Separation Command
    • Repair separated clips that have aligned content
    • Edit>Heal Separation or Command + H


  • Better offline mixdown speed when exporting multiple tracks
  • Double-click anywhere in track automation lane to add new automation breakpoint
  • Plug-in windows open on correct display on multi-display systems
  • Better visibility of automation data on Instrument tracks


  • Resolved rare issue that could cause incorrect recorded file lengths when punching in with pre-roll enabled
  • Resolved issue that could prevent displaying of Shape Expansion presets
  • Unexpected automation data no longer created when editing clips on tracks routed to a Neve Summing bus
  • Mixer view no longer scrolls to wrong track when selecting tracks in large sessions
  • Showing/hiding tracks no longer cancels SPILL
  • Simple pan mode state is now restored when reopening sessions
  • Click drag tempo field only adjusts current value when session contains multiple tempos
  • Addressed an Audio Units plug-in load issue for MOTU MachFive and other older plug-ins that report channel information differently
  • Resolved 59 additional internal bug reports



Version 1.0.4

May 26, 2020


  • Track Toggle Shortcuts
    • Record: Shift+R
    • Input: Shift+T
    • Solo: Shift+S
    • Mute: Shift+M
  • MIDI Chase - MIDI note and controller data playback now follows transport and playhead changes
  • Drag Tempo Value - Drag in the Control Bar’s BPM field to dynamically adjust session tempo
  • Playback Input Monitoring (Requires UAD Software v9.12) - Record-enabled inputs are now audible during playback in Console Tracking Mode
  • Open/Close All Folders Shortcut - Option+Click any Focus Browser folder to open/close all folders
  • Save Focus Browser State Folder open/close state of all Focus Browser views now saved
  • MIDI Clip Rename - Double-click at top of any MIDI clip to rename the clip


  • Command+W shortcut no longer closes session
  • Improved timing of MIDI played from computer keyboard in MIDI Keyboard Mode
  • Option+Click ‘do to all’ modifier for mixer switches no longer affects hidden tracks
  • Track name display works inside Audio Units plug-ins that support this feature
  • Notification when deactivated routing assignments prevent audio feedback
  • Toggle Mixer/Timeline shortcut works on keyboard layouts with "=" on keys 0, 6, 7


  • Resolved crash that could occur while progress bar is displayed
  • Resolved case where mixdown file was not time-aligned with original source
  • Resolved rare issue causing clips to appear as if recording when stopped
  • Instrument tracks no longer process live MIDI input during offline mixdown
  • Resolved an issue preventing initial assignment of Tape Machines to slot C and D
  • Undo now works when plug-in windows are closed while controls are being adjusted
  • Fader dB values now match fader positions when exiting Trim automation mode
  • Clips selected on multiple tracks separated by a bus now move correctly
  • Horizontal mixer scrolling behavior after renaming tracks
  • All Kontakt MIDI connections are now restored when session is reopened
  • Tape VU Meters on Instrument tracks now show signals in ARM mode
  • Resolved Send/Cue knob value brightness issue
  • Transposing all MIDI notes within a marker area no longer deletes the marker
  • Fader value display returns to correct value when exiting Trim automation mode
  • Logic Pro X AAF files containing "+" in audio filenames now import correctly
  • Resolved 36 additional internal bug reports



Version 1.0.3

May 6, 2020


  • Trackpad Zoom – Pinch trackpad with two fingers on Timeline to zoom in/out horizontally


  • Resolved several specific issues that could cause metadata errors when opening session files
  • Audio Units plug-ins with transport controls are now synchronized to LUNA's transport and timeline
  • Playback metering uses less GPU resources
  • Improved visibility of grid lines in WARP view and automation data in track parameter views
  • Resolved several issues with plug-in insert drag/drop functions
  • Next/Previous Marker navigation shortcuts update playback and are now available in Mixer View
  • The Consolidate shortcut (Shift+Option+3) now works with numeric keypads
  • New "Hide Selected Tracks" option when right-clicking track labels in Mixer view


  • Resolved MIDI recording issues when Pre-Roll is enabled at beginning of timeline
  • Resolved audio processing and metering issues with Waves compressor plug-ins
  • Certain Audio Units instrument plug-ins now maintain pitch when sample rate is changed
  • Resolved note shift issues when imported MIDI file clips are edited
  • Duplicating no longer creates unexpected automation ramps
  • Resolved issues with Copy/Paste header buttons for plug-ins
  • Resolved timing issues with tempo sync plug-ins inserted on bus tracks
  • UAD plug-ins in active demo period no longer display in red disabled state
  • Export now works as expected when more than 10 clips with same name are selected
  • Resolved erratic control Undo after adjusting Tape Saturation
  • Tape Saturation adjustments are now mirrored in Alternate windows
  • Resolved state display issues when replacing tape machines
  • The Import Tempo dialog now appears again if the first Import Tempo dialog was canceled
  • Resolved browser arrow key navigation issue after inserting plug-ins
  • Resolved 48 additional internal bug reports

Known Issue

  • Audio Units plug-ins requiring Steinberg eLicenser cannot be used with macOS Catalina.
    A workaround is available with macOS Mojave. Visit this KB article for details.



Version 1.0.2

April 21, 2020


  • Improved shortcut modifier key handling on international keyboards
  • Improved GPU resource utilization (may decrease fan speeds on some systems)
  • Login credentials are now properly retained when Remember Me option is checked
  • Markers are automatically assigned different colors when created
  • Command+A shortcut now selects all Warp markers on a track in WARP view
  • Numerous general stability enhancements


  • The Content Location selector no longer causes LUNA to become unresponsive when many storage volumes are mounted
  • Resolved issue preventing installation of LUNA Instrument content to external storage
  • Consolidate command now correctly renders Clip Gain
  • Metronome is no longer muted when solo is enabled on a bus
  • "Save a Copy As" now offers the option to overwrite existing session files
  • Sessions closed due to Apollo hardware disconnection now open correctly without having to relaunch LUNA
  • Studer A800 CAL control now updates correctly when recalling presets
  • Tape Machine Copy and Paste modifiers now function reliably
  • The MIDI Keyboard Mode menu item now remains active when a floating plug-in window has focus
  • Copy and Paste now work correctly in the DISCOVER panel
  • Resolved 66 additional internal bug reports



Version 1.0.1

April 10, 2020


  • The following UAD Direct Developer plug-ins are now available for use within LUNA:
    • UAD Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced
    • UAD Oxford Dynamic EQ
    • UAD Oxford SuprEsser DS
    • UAD MDWEQ5-3B
    • UAD MDWEQ5-5B
  • Resolved cases where Audio Units plug-ins could crash LUNA when opening or interacting with the AudioUnits plug-in GUI
  • Resolved cases where downloading or transferring LUNA Instrument content could crash LUNA
  • Improved communications with iLok licensing services

Known Issue

  • In some cases, web content in LUNA's sidebar CREATE panel may not be visible.
    Workaround: Select any other LUNA panel, then return to the CREATE panel.
    (This issue is fixed in LUNA v1.0.2)



Version 1.0.0

April 7, 2020

Initial release of LUNA Recording System

  • Available in LUNA v1.0.0:
    • Shape Creative Toolkit LUNA Instrument (free)
    • Moog® Minimoog LUNA Instrument
    • Ravel™ Grand Piano LUNA Instrument
    • Spitfire Audio LUNA Instruments
    • Oxide Tape LUNA Extension (free)
    • Neve® Summing LUNA Extension
    • Studer A800 Tape LUNA Extension

Known Issue


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