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UAFX Pedal Downloads

This article contains links to UAFX files that can be downloaded.


Quick Start Diagrams

The quick start diagrams provide a control overview of your UAFX pedal. Each UAFX pedal has its own quick start diagram. A printed version is included in the UAFX retail package.  qsg-golden-recolored.png

 Download Quick Start Diagrams


Effect Control Maps & Recall Sheets


The effect control maps show the knob and switch functions for each individual UAFX effect. Because the control functions can vary per effect, the maps provide a convenient visual reference. The recall sheets are blank templates you can use to sketch your own settings. golden-effect-control-maps.png golden-recall-sheet.png


Download Control Maps & Recall Sheets


UAFX Control Software

UAFX Control is used to register UAFX pedals, get your free bonus effects, and install UAFX firmware updates. To get UAFX Control software, go here.








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