UAFX Pedal Downloads

This article contains links to UAFX software and downloadable files.


UAFX Software Apps

UA Connect and UAFX Control are the companion software apps for UAFX pedals. To get these apps, go here.

UA Connect – Computer app for firmware updates via USB-C. Get your free bonus effects and speaker cabinets with registration. For the UA Connect App Manual, go here.

UAFX Control – Mobile app for free bonus effects, speaker cabinets, and UA presets via Bluetooth. UAFX Control is also for preset management, accessing global settings such as footswitch modes, and deeper editing with some pedals. For the UAFX Control App Manual, go here.


UAFX Quick Start Sheets

These reference sheets (included in the box) provide a brief description of UAFX controls. For complete control details, see the UAFX manuals.

Amp Pedals

Effect Pedals



UAFX Control Maps

Some UAFX pedals have knobs and switches that control more than one function. The UAFX control maps provide a convenient visual reference for these pedals. For complete effect details, see the UAFX manuals.


Effect Pedals

Amp Pedals



UAFX Recall Sheets

The UAFX recall sheets are blank templates you can use to sketch your own settings.

Effect Pedals

Amp Pedals




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