Why do I hear audio artifacts with Golden’s 224 reverbs?

Extreme parameter settings can cause the Hall 224 and Chamber & Plate 224 reverb effects to self-oscillate or cause other unexpected sounds. This behavior is identical to the original 224 hardware and is caused by its internal 12-bit architecture.

Internal algorithm overloading can be especially apparent with very long reverb decay times. To reduce any artifacts, simply lower the reverb decay times with the DECAY, BASS, and/or TREBLE knobs, and/or reduce the input signal level.

Note that with the Hall 224 and Chamber & Plate 224 reverb effects, the DECAY, BASS, and TREBLE knobs control the reverb decay times for the middle, bass, and treble frequency bands. Unlike Golden’s other reverb effects, the BASS and TREBLE knobs are not reverb filters.

golden-map-hall-224.pngHall 224 Control Map golden-map-chamber-plate.pngChamber & Plate 224 Control Map

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