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UAD Spark Product FAQs

How many UADx plug-in instances can I run in my project?

Since UADx plug-ins run natively on your computer’s CPU, you may run as many UADx plug-in instances as CPU can handle.

I already own the UAD-2 versions of some of the plug-ins available in with UAD Spark. Do I get access to the UADx version?

Yes! If you own or purchase a UAD-2 plug-in that has been ported to UADx then you can get the UADx version for free. Simply download the title with UA Connect to begin using the native version. A UAD Spark subscription is not required to use these free perpetual UADx licenses.

For installation instructions and a list of eligible plug-in titles, click here

Are UAD-2 versions included with a UAD Spark subscription?

No. Only UADx versions of the products are included with a UAD Spark subscription.

How much does UAD Spark cost?

Monthly subscriptions to UAD Spark are $19.99* (USD), billed monthly. Annual subscriptions are $149.99* (USD), billed yearly.

*Local taxes will be added where applicable. 


Will new titles be added to UAD Spark?

More content will be added over time.

Can I record with UAD Spark plug-ins in LUNA?

Yes. However, as with all native Audio Units plugins in LUNA, they are bypassed when Accelerated Realtime Monitoring is active. To monitor through UADx plug-ins you will need to disable ARM mode.


Do UADx plug-ins support realtime processing using an Apollo interface?

UADx plug-ins do not do not support realtime processing. Only UAD-2 plug-ins can run realtime in Console.