Troubleshooting Pops, Clicks, & Beeps on Apollo USB

Note: This article applies to Apollo Solo USB, Apollo Twin USB, and Apollo Twin X USB.

Experiencing clicks, pops, or beeps in audio playback on your Apollo USB? Follow the steps below to configure your Windows system and optimize your settings for better performance:

  1. Configure Windows

    First, configure your Windows system for use with your Apollo USB by following the directions in this article below:
    Optimizing Windows for UA Devices
    For a video explaining these steps, click here

  2. Disable Core Parking & CPU Throttling
    Intel processors feature CPU power management abilities that dynamically change clock speeds and sleep states. These changes can adversely affect real-time audio. If you are experiencing pops, clicks, or beeps then we recommend that you disable these features.
    Most systems will allow you to turn off or adjust these CPU power management features in the BIOS / UEFI. Please consult your motherboard or system manual for help with making any changes in your BIOS / UEFI.
    By disabling the following features your system will run at a constant clock speed and will not halt individual cores, which can result in better audio performance:

    • Intel SpeedStep (or EIST)

    • Intel Turbo Boost (or Turbo Mode)

    • C-State Control (or C1E, C3, C6, C7)

  3. Enable USB Safeguard
    Enabling USB Safeguard in Console can help alleviate issues with audio playback. For details, see this article.


If the problem persists, please generate a Windows system information file and contact Customer Support by submitting a new support request. Follow the directions below to generate a Windows system information file:

  1. Go To: Start -> Search
  2. Type "msinfo32" and press enter
  3. Go To: File -> Save to save the file. 

Please attach this '.nfo' file when you submit your support request.

To submit a new support request, click here


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