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About LUNA Application

The First Recording Platform with Deep Apollo Integration

LUNA gives you the fastest recording environment for music production, editing, and mixing. In addition to its seamless hardware-software integration with Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo and Arrow interfaces, LUNA Recording System allows capturing audio through DSP-powered UAD plug-ins with no discernible latency, as well as offering new Accelerated Realtime Monitoring™ — which provides analog-style tracking and overdubbing workflows using Apollo’s onboard DSP acceleration.

You can also run LUNA in Core Audio mode with any Core Audio interfaces, with automatic aggregation and flexible routing options.

LUNA Technology — Work the Way you Want

Using an all-new audio architecture built from the ground up over four years, LUNA brings audio recording into a new era. Intelligent workflow and compatibility features let you capture inspiration the moment it strikes.

Accelerated Realtime Monitoring™

No more toggling between Apollo's Console app and your DAW. In Apollo mode, Accelerated Realtime Monitoring uses Apollo’s onboard DSP to give you deterministic, sub-2ms recording latency — from input to output — for fast analog-style tracking and overdubbing workflows with UAD plug-ins and UAD Instruments.

Realtime UAD Processing

Track, overdub, and mix with UAD plug-ins in real time, including Unison mic preamp plug-ins from Neve, Manley, API, Avalon, and more, while enjoying seamless transitions between tracking, overdubbing, and playback.

Automatic Conversion Between UAD-2 and UADx Plug-Ins

Offload processing to native versions of supported plug-ins. In Apollo mode, when LUNA needs to switch to a realtime UAD-2 plug-in in ARM mode, the UAD-2 version loads automatically. When the track or bus goes out of ARM mode, the UADx plug-in is restored automatically. You can also switch all supported plug-ins from UAD-2 to UADx and vice versa with a simple menu item.

Much, much more

  • Unlimited Track Count — Record and playback as many tracks as your Mac can handle.

  • Contextual Editing & Browsing — LUNA intelligently switches tools and viewing modes for less menu diving during the creative process.

  • Run Audio Units Plug-Ins and VIs, UADx Plug-Ins, and UAD Instruments — Easily use your favorite Audio Units plug-ins and virtual instruments inside LUNA, and your native UAD plug-ins and instruments.

  • Session Autosave — LUNA is constantly saving, so you'll never lose your work again, no matter what happens.

  • Session Templates — Set up templates and always have your session starting points ready to go.

  • Import Session Data — LUNA’s powerful session import capability allows you to import data from another session, including plug-ins, track routing data, audio and MIDI, and track versions. Preview the data to import, and import only a range of data with all the flexibility you need.

  • AAF Imports — Seamlessly integrate with other DAWs and easily import sessions using the industry-standard Advanced Authoring Format (AAF).

  • Save Track Versions and Bookmarks, and Restore Auto-Saved Backups — Save a bookmark to remember a stopping point or save a mix. Create a session version to make bigger changes, while still retaining the older session. Restore to an auto backup whenever you want.

  • Persistent Undo — Harness undo/redo even after closing and re-opening sessions.