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AMD Ryzen CPUs and UAD-2 PCIe Compatibility

AMD recently released a new line of CPUs called Ryzen. Although Ryzen CPUs have not been specifically tested by Universal Audio with UAD devices, Customer Support has received reports from users experiencing compatibility issues with UAD-2 QUAD, DUO, and SOLO PCIe cards on systems utilizing Ryzen CPUs.

On affected systems, the UAD-2 PCIe cards are not recognized and the UAD Meter shows "No Devices Found." Compatibility issues between Ryzen CPUs and PCIe devices from other manufacturers have also been reported.

If you are experiencing issues with your UAD-2 PCIe card being recognized on a system that uses a Ryzen CPU, the first step is to contact your motherboard manufacturer for any new BIOS updates that may be available. Installing the latest BIOS updates for your system will ensure that you have the latest fixes and improvements.

Please note that we have not received any reports of compatibility issues between Ryzen CPUs and UAD-2 OCTO PCIe cards.

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