FAQ: UAD / Apollo / Volt Hardware Returns & Exchanges

In some cases it may be necessary to return or exchange a UAD / Apollo / Volt / Microphone device through the retailer that you purchased it from - for example, if you accidentally purchased a device that is incompatible with your particular computer system, or if you decide to trade up to a device with more DSP or I/O. 

All returns or exchanges are at the discretion of the retailer you purchased the device from. Most retailers will accept returns or exchanges of Universal Audio devices within their standard return period, but if you're considering a return or exchange it's best to contact the retailer you purchased from as quickly as possible to see what their specific policy is. 

See below for frequently asked questions regarding returns and exchanges.


Do I need to call Universal Audio to deregister the UAD / Apollo / Volt / Microphone device before I return it to the store?

No. We are unable to clear the registration on a device for a customer directly. After accepting the return or exchange, the retailer will contact us to take care of deregistering the device from your account. 


I received a set of promotional plug-ins or additional hardware as part of the purchase of my UAD / Apollo device. Will I still be able to keep these after I return the device?

No. After returning your UAD / Apollo device back to the retailer, any promotional plug-ins that were added to your account as part of the sale will be removed by the system when the unit is deregistered. Note that this does not apply to exchanges due to hardware defects. 

If you registered your UAD / Apollo device during a hardware promotion (i.e., register a particular device and get another device for free) and decide to return the UAD / Apollo device to the retailer, your promotional hardware shipment will be canceled when the unit is deregistered. 


I purchased additional UAD plug-ins from the online store before exchanging my UAD / Apollo product through my retailer. Do I have to re-purchase these plug-ins?

No. Any additional plug-ins purchased from the online store will remain in your account, even if a UAD / Apollo device is deregistered from your account. If you exchange your UAD / Apollo device for a different one, you'll just need to register the new device to the same account as the purchased plug-ins so that the plug-ins can be authorized on the new device. 

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