Using Multiple UAD-2 Devices Registered to Different UA Accounts

From time to time users ask us how to use their own UAD-2 devices and UAD plug-ins in combination with UAD-2 devices and plug-ins registered to another studio or user. While it is certainly possible to use devices from multiple accounts, care must be taken to ensure that plug-ins load and operate as expected.

The UAD Authorization System

UAD plug-in licenses are tied to the devices registered in your UA account. Accounts are organized by “System” and each System can contain up to six UAD-2 devices. Plug-ins are authorized by System and licenses are applied to all devices in the System to which they are registered.

Plug-in licenses are applied to your UAD-2 devices through the authorization process, which is triggered by clicking the Authorize Plug-Ins button in the UAD Meter & Control Panel application. If all of the devices you are using belong to the same System in the same account, all of the devices will be given the same authorizations and all licensed plug-ins will run on any device in the system. Likewise, if two separate accounts have identical sets of plug-in licenses, all licensed plug-ins will run on any device in the combined system, even though they belong to separate systems. However, if the accounts have different sets of licenses, you may encounter some issues.

Authorizations from your account only apply to the UAD-2 devices registered to your account. Authorizations from your account are not applied to devices registered to a different account, therefore your plug-ins will only run on the devices for which they are authorized.

Temporary Solution

The most common approach to working with devices from separate accounts with different licenses is to use a workaround to force the plug-ins to load on their authorized device. For this example, let's say you're using two devices from two different accounts and want to use a plug-in that is only authorized on "Device 2".

First, it might be helpful to make a list of the plug-ins that are authorized for each device in the combined system.

Then, before loading the plug-in into your DAW or Apollo Console, open the UAD Meter & Control Panel application and click the System Info button.

Next, you’ll temporarily disable Device 1 in order to force any plug-ins to load onto Device 2. In the Meter & Control Panel Hardware section, click the power icon next to Device 1. Now refer to your list and load the plug-ins that are authorized for Device 2. When you’re done, re-enable Device 1 by clicking on its power button again.



Now, do the same thing to disable Device 2 and load the plug-ins that are authorized for Device 1 and when you’re done, re-enable it.

Please note that though this workaround won’t harm your system, you will likely need to go through these steps each time your session is closed and reopened.

Permanent Solutions

The simplest way to avoid this issue is to ensure that both devices in the combined system have identical sets of plug-in authorizations.

For a permanent solution, you may combine the software and hardware assets from both accounts into a single account via the ownership transfer process. However, this option is permanent and should only be considered as a last resort.

Transferring the hardware out of the combined account without plug-in licenses is possible at any time in the future. However, once the plug-in assets from both accounts are combined into one account, it is not possible to separate the plug-in licenses out again, so please be sure that you understand the rules and limitations of the transfer process before choosing to combine your assets.

For more details, read this article.

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