How to Merge UA Accounts

Important Note: The Universal Audio Customer Care team is not able to manually merge UA accounts. Please proceed and read the steps below for more information about how you can merge your UA accounts.

Reasons to Merge UA Accounts

There are several scenarios which would require combining the hardware and plug-in authorizations of multiple UA accounts together into one. Some of the common reasons to do this would be:

  • You didn't realize that you already had previous hardware registered to an account but went and created a new one to register your new device. Now there are two accounts with different hardware and plug-ins registered to them.

  • Hardware and plug-ins are owned by a studio facility but were registered by an engineer or employee who no longer works for the studio.

  • Two individual users decide to start a business partnership together and want to combine their independent accounts into one so the studio hardware can recognize all of the plug-in authorizations from both original accounts.

Merging Multiple UA Accounts

As you can see, these scenarios can get complex. If it becomes necessary to merge accounts here are the basic steps:

  1. You will want to decide which will be the main account that you will use to merge all account assets into.

  2. The easiest and most efficient way to transfer your UAD-2 hardware and/or plug-in authorizations to a different account is to submit a Transfer of Ownership request right from the My Hardware section of your account. More in-depth details on this transfer of ownership process can be found here. This transfer of ownership process is the only way to move plug-in licenses between accounts and there must be a piece of UAD-2 hardware being transferred as part of this request also, since plug-in licenses can not be transferred by themselves without hardware.
    Note: When filling out the transfer of ownership request form, the only plug-in transfer options are All or None in regards to the plug-in authorizations being moved.

  3. You can also contact Universal Audio's Customer Care team by phone or email. Within limitations, we can assist with moving devices and plug-in authorizations between individual systems of your account if necessary but we are not able to manually move hardware and plug-ins between two different accounts. Information on how to contact UA support or start an online support request can be found on this page.

Important Note: If you are merging two accounts with different owners into one single account for purposes of creating a business partnership, ownership of plug-in licenses should be considered. When plug-in licenses are combined, the plug-ins become the property of the new account and cannot be separated later down the line. Because of this, accounts should not be merged for temporary partnerships and should only be merged if both parties intend to permanently share plug-in licenses. Universal Audio cannot get involved in disputes about plug-in licenses as a result of merging accounts, so make sure this has been fully discussed before merging accounts.


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